Tom and Donna Pease, owners of the Blue Lantern bought the building in September, 2005. With the great work of David Abate; Abate Construction, work began to bring a new vision to the inside of the building. The passerby's watched as months went on—everything looked the same from the outside—what could be taking so long to re-open?  Little did anyone know—the magic was happening on the inside.  Everything was removed from the old bar, the old floors to the old kitchen equipment and brought back to life by the vision of Tom.  He knew what the New Blue Lantern would look like long before anyone else did... 


By Spring of 2006, the inside of the old Blue Lantern began taking on a new look—and in June 2006, the Blue Lantern opened the doors with dreams of being that place where customers, neighbors and friends would gather to enjoy a few drinks, a great meal and most importantly, the company of each other.   The bar area, with the deep poinsettia paint on the walls, offers warmth and coziness. Tom and Donna want customers to feel coming in for a drink and maybe a quick bite to eat at the bar or having dinner is like stopping in at a good friends place.  The dining room is small but has been brightened up just enough to provide new ambiance for a group of friends, a quaint dinner for two or a family to enjoy a great meal together.   Whether dining or having drinks or a little of both, the new Blue Lantern aspires to always provide a great dining experience.

                 HISTORY of THE BLUE LANTERN

The property has been around for years and years operated as a restaurant, bar, lounge. Yes, it’s true and the stories that have been told by customers who frequented this historical property over the last 40 years are also true.  Historically, named The Blue Lantern Lounge for the longest period of time, in 2006, the property re-opened as the Blue Lantern Lounge once again with a face lift.  Oh yes, the outside may look somewhat the same...like a residential tavern...but don't be fooled, inside is where all the magic happened.  From the warm decor, to the granite bar, to the patio dining, to the eclectic food...many customers feel they stepped into a downtown restaurant or something from Manhattan and then they realize they are in Elma, NY.   So, with all of the changes since 2006, we simply refer to the "old Blue Lantern" as the NEW Blue Lantern - some even just call this "THE BLUE". 

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In the Spring of 2007, the patio off the bar received an update - a terra-cotta , not “blue” awning.  The new awning provides a whole other location for dining and/or having wine or cocktails.  A bit later, the addition of the french doors off the bar, allows an open or closed effect for those dining and for those listening to music later in the evening.   The underside of the awning is lit with just enough light to create an inviting atmosphere with friends.  Check it out April through October.


In the history of the NEW Blue Lantern, the logo and the like was never changed...until 2010.  The logo is now in BLUE Neon with a black background.   Given the restaurant/bar has earned a reputation for fabulous martini’s, a blue tipped martini glass was incorporated into some of the logo, signage and advertising.   Check out our new outside sign when you visit next.  The website was updated to include these new changes and a more professional look.  As well, the popular e-mail “blast” that customers like hearing about our food features and live music performances to anything else going on, communicates in a more consistent fashion.  

The latest addition is a new arbor, patio on the side entrance to the building.   Adding the “Seasonal Nursery”touch, the addition came to life in May 2011 with beautiful plants and foliage with creeping wisteria vines to form a garden area right in our own parking lot....come take a look and see what should be absolutely an amazing addition to the Blue Lantern.   



Dining on the patio in Elma on Seneca Street can be a little noisy...we made some changes to the patio to visually block the view of the street yet, still feel that you are outside.  There is now the look of a bar or stage with built in seating.  The awning will continue to cover the patio from April to October.  With just 25 patio seats, dining is first come first serve.    


The restaurant celebrated 5 years on June 1, 2011 as a successful business!    A parking lot party was held to note the journey and success. Tom and Donna Pease love to be your owners and hosts each day to ensure the Blue Lantern Lounge is your neighborhood restaurant and bar, gathering spot for family and friends to enjoy a great meal, great cocktails and fantastic service.  

The Blue Lantern Lounge staff thanks all who have patronized the restaurant since 2006!

Little Black Dress Party, April 2010

Proceeds:  American Heart Association

                  Owners:  Tom and Donna Pease


So much has gone into the inside of the Blue Lantern with subtle changes to the exterior...  We thought it was time for a store front change!   As you drive by, notice the new half stone wall front.      This gives the Blue Lantern a whole new look!  Mason Work by Building Solutions  


With the coldest and snowiest winter days Buffalo has had in a while, the “white” got to Tom - PDQ Painters - who have been our painters’s since 2005 did their magic with the color scheme of Tom’s vision. 

Come Check Out our New Fresh Decor in our Dining Rooms...A Fresh Look!

BUSINESS EXPANSION - THE NEW  da Blue Food Truck - 2014

With little opportunity to expand The Blue Lantern restaurant itself, and not wanting to move our location or take on a Blue 2 as so many customers have requested, we added a Food Truck with a simplistic menu, including a few Blue Favorites and choices for the Food Truck only and we are taking to the streets for da people!    Just Livin‘ da Dream!   

Then Someone Offered Us $$ For Our Truck - Now Their Livin‘ da Dream! 

RE-CREATING -  Our Food Truck - July 2014

Philly Flattop

Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks

Livin’ da Dream Again!

               Until Spring 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                

             We had a blast with the food truck scene, but we aren’t as young as we used to be ;-)  

           We took our truck off road - Cheesesteaks ALWAYS served at the Blue!


We stopped to Celebrate again!!  The restaurant celebrated 8 years on June 1, 2014 as a growing, successful business!                            Tom and Donna and family hosted a party with Chef Tom Nocera preparing a nice spread for all to enjoy.  Tom and Donna Pease enjoy being  your owners and hosts each day to ensure the Blue Lantern Lounge is your neighborhood restaurant, bar, gathering spot, hangout, employer and anything else we are to the community!  

The Blue Lantern Lounge staff thanks all who have patronized the restaurant since 2006!